Press Release: AHHHA Turns Dream Into Reality For Dan Luellen of Allen, TX


ALLEN, TEXAS | MARCH 13, 2012 - Dan Luellen places a lot of value on his job as a banker and believes staying alert at work is important. However, Luellen also admits that without a mid-afternoon nap it can sometimes be a challenge. With the help of AHHHA, his dream to be able to nap on the go sparked the development of  AHHHA’s very first idea to hit the market, the Sleeper Sleeve.  AHHHA Founder and CEO, Matt Crowe adds, “while there are over 5,000 ideas that have been claimed on, we are proud to have Dan’s Sleeper Sleeve be one of the first ideas of many to ever be developed.”

Prior to joining the AHHHA community, Dan Luellen felt like he was in an idea dead end. He recalls, “I would go out to my car and try and take a 15 minute nap, but often was not able to because I just couldn’t get comfortable. After collaborating with my wife, the idea of creating a pillow that I could slip over my arm came up and with that the Sleeper Sleeve was born.” However, with little feedback and limited resources for execution, his dream felt hopeless.

After many frustrated late nights of research, Dan happened to stumble upon, a place where his dreams could flourish into a profitable reality. After claiming his idea for the Sleeper Sleeve, it wasn’t long before the AHHHA community began to chime in. Users were voting and collaborating on how to improve the Sleeper Sleeve, allowing AHHHA’s algorithms to pick up on Dan’s Luellen’s very own idea and begin to move it into the next phase of execution.

From the moment Dan first claimed his idea, AHHHA made it easy, fast and fun for Luellen’s idea to develop into a real product. He recalls, “next thing I knew there was a prototype for the Sleeper Sleeve at my doorstep, it was branded, produced and ready to go to market.” Best of all, Dan was able to take part in every step of the process without having to utilize his own time or resources to transform what was once just an idea into a tangible product in the marketplace.

With the announcement of Dan Luellen’s Sleeper Sleeve, AHHHA is excited to show others like Luellen how much of an impact Social Ideation can have on their lives. To learn more about Dan Luellen’s story and claim your very own idea, please visit AHHHA – Follow your dream.

About AHHHA, Inc.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, AHHHA is a new company driving Social Ideation, which enables people to stake claim in their ideas and tap into the wisdom of the crowd to drive continuous collaboration around their ideas. AHHHA’s Social Ideation platform then moves the best ideas forward to bring those to life.  AHHHA has collapsed the highly fragmented process required to turn an idea from concept into a real-world product, service or company.  Its Social Ideation engine manages the entire life cycle while the idea-originator expends minimal effort and risk.  For more information about AHHHA, please visit:




AHHHA v2.0 Powers Ideas Through Social Ideation : Press Release

Turning your ideas into something that really matters is no longer just another idea.

PALO ALTO, CALIF., March 13, 2012 - AHHHA, an Internet startup headquartered out of a garage in Palo Alto, California much like the legendary Google, Apple and HP once were, is revolutionizing the way ideas are being brought to market.

Introducing the launch of AHHHA v2.0, the newest version of an online platform leading the world in bringing ideas to fruition by utilizing Social Ideation. With now a growing team of over 15 employees, two of which are soon to be graduates from Stanford University, AHHHA is excited to see all its hard and fun work play in action. One of v2.0’s upgrades is to make its platform and process even more simple and engaging for users to use when submitting and collaborating on ideas. With the latest version well in motion, AHHHA is also excited to share the first four AHHHA’s soon to be released to market.

The AHHHA team has been working hard behind the scenes to simplify the process new and existing users go through when submitting an idea. AHHHA has also partnered up with UK based company, Creative Barcode to provide users with greater protection and ability to better track idea authenticity. Equally important is AHHHA’s long-lasting promise to continue to improve and promote the way users interact and collaborate, otherwise known as Social Ideation.

In preparation for the development of the v2.0, founder Matt Crowe states: “We used our Social Ideation platform to get feedback from our users to make sure that we were not just changing for change sake.” The feedback we received from our users allowed us to zero in on certain features and processes that were unclear. One of these processes was the initial claiming of an idea, which we have made more user-friendly and easy to understand.”

In addition, Crowe commented “unlike other somewhat similar sites, AHHHA is not just about products, fund-raising or social good. At AHHHA our user community always comes first and we could not be more pleased to announce the our first four AHHHA’s to our community.”

The first four AHHHA’s being brought to market are: Sleeper Sleeve, consumer goods category, PinPoint App, technology category, Portable Homeless Shelter, social good category and Suttons Theory,  potentially genius category. As these ideas were claimed and propelled through the Social Ideation process, it became clear that they were the most voted and commented upon in the AHHHA community. With launch of AHHHA’s v2.0 and announcement of the first four ideas, is clear that this Palo Alto startup isn’t coming to a halt anytime soon. More importantly, the ideas being brought to market empower people all over the world to innovate together and solidifies that the Social Ideation platform is in fact a success.

About AHHHA, Inc.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, AHHHA is a new company driving Social Ideation, which enables people to stake claim in their ideas and tap into the wisdom of the crowd to drive continuous collaboration around their ideas. AHHHA’s Social Ideation platform then moves the best ideas forward to bring those to life.  AHHHA has collapsed the highly fragmented process required to turn an idea from concept into a real-world product, service or company.  Its Social Ideation engine manages the entire life cycle while the idea-originator expends minimal effort and risk.  For more information about AHHHA, please visit:




Lend a Hand (that’s why you’ve got two)












I know what you’re thinking – what’s in it for me?

After all, you’re the one contributing your AHHHA’s, expertise, relevance, time, commitment, trust, and creativity to say the least.

But have you ever stopped to think that your contribution has the significance to change somebody’s life for the better?

Still thinking what’s in it for me…

When people think ideas they sometimes forget that those ideas are solutions to real problems and part of big dreams. And your contribution might just be the missing ingredient keeping someone from changing their life for the better and finally seeing their lifetime vision become a tangible reality.

After all, it’s no coincidence that crowd sourcing has become so integrated into the way businesses operate today and rightfully so. Companies and contributors alike are finally seeing just how impactful mass collaboration has truly become.

So go ahead, lend a little something (you don’t have to go far.) Here, we make it easy to vote, share your favorite ideas across multiple social networks, and suggest how an AHHHA could be made stronger.

You never know, your contribution might just change somebody’s life forever.

Robert Scoble Interview of AHHHA Founder Matt Crowe

Recently our founder Matt Crowe was interviewed by blogger and technology evangelist Robert Scoble. The interview titled “AHHHA: launching pad for your ideas” was posted on Scoble’s online community, Building43 yesterday. It’s a great interview to learn more about social ideation and how AHHHA works.

More about Robert Scoble (taken from Robert’s Wikipedia page):

Robert Scoble is an American blogger, technical evangelist. Scoble is best known for his blog, Scobleizer, which came to prominence during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. He currently works for Rackspace and the Rackspace sponsored community site Building 43. He previously worked for Fast Company as a video blogger. He is also the co-author of Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers with Shel Israel.

Become an AH-trepreneur













An entrepreneur is someone with a creative vision, often willing to take on the challenge and risk of starting a new business or create a new product.

But what if you can’t afford to take the risk and all you have is a vision?

At AHHHA, a vision is all you need.

You supply the entrepreneurial spirit and we handle the risks associated with bringing most ideas to market.

We don’t charge you a fee for putting up your idea nor do we expect you to fork over any money throughout the process. We don’t even expect you to know how your idea will be achieved. But of course, if you have suggestions, we are always taking notes.

However, we do expect you to be an AH-trepreneur – someone who is passionate, dedicated, and has a vision or willingness to enhance a vision by collaborating with friends and the AHHHA community.

By utilizing Social Ideation and site algorithms we are able to not only drastically improve and grow ideas, but also better tackle marketing and financial hurdles that paralyze ideas and prevent most entrepreneurs from reaching their full potential. Ultimately, moving an idea through the stuffy monetization process and allowing users to follow their dream and see their ideas come to life.

Stake your claim, follow your dream and become an AH-trepreneur today.

Entrepreneurs are Made, Not Born (6 tips to success)



In the same way that anyone can call themselves an artist, anyone can also call themselves an entrepreneur.

And what is so wrong with that anyway?

After all, the first step in accomplishing anything is to believe that you can and hey we’re all about that!

However, in order to be a successful entrepreneur, one must master a few skills.

Best of all, anyone can learn them so listen up “never in million years, would be, and already am entrepreneurs.”

1. Learn to see opportunities when everyone sees problems – learn this and obstacles will only motivate you more to find a solution because you are no longer just seeing what is front of you.

2. Be a leader – contrary to what you may have heard in the past, leadership has nothing to do with genetics. Learning to spot those opportunities when everyone is fixated on the problems is half the battle. The other half requires listening with an open mind, effectively communicating, and serious work ethic.

3. Social Ideation – without collaboration, there can’t be innovation. Just think if two minds are better than one, what can be said about a whole platform of creative’s, industry experts, and executers working together?

4. Bury the hatchet – the ego hatchet that is. We’re human, we all have them. But the quicker we can set our pride aside, the quicker we can make grow personally and professionally. After all, no successful entrepreneur got there by knowing everything, but instead by asking the right questions from the right people.

5. Have fun – believe it or not, if you aren’t having at least a little fun doing what you are doing, it’s only a matter of time before you sink or even worse sink your whole team. Attitudes are contagious, so ask yourself is yours worth catching?

6. Execute – and we can’t stress this enough. What is a great AHHHA if nobody knows it exists? Take time to plan your work, but know that for any entrepreneur or idea to make it, you must also work your plan (or attack it.)

So there it is. The 6 essential’s for every entrepreneur to get ahead and stay there. We suggest you run with it.

We Practice Social Ideation



From the first day we turned on the lights at AHHHA, one thing was certain: social ideation was going to be the spark behind every new and great idea or as we like to say every great AHHHA.

Around here “social ideation” isn’t just some concept we like to throw around. To define it more specifically, social ideation is the process of bringing new ideas to market by collaborating, commenting, and voting on each others’ ideas socially through a web enabled platform. To define it more broadly, it is the backbone of everything we think, believe, and do at AHHHA.

After all, no matter how hard we try, we can’t build a customer focused community if we do not know what it is that the community wants. So we started by asking for your feedback. You responded and we listened. And are continuing to listen and make social ideation a part of everything we do.

Here’s just a few ways how:

  1. Getting feedback as each one of your posts on each others’ AHHHA’s
  2. On Our Get Satisfaction Customer Support Website (click on feedback button to access)
  3. Direct emails we have been receiving (keep ‘em coming)
  4. Blogs, blog comments, tweets, Facebook messages, etc.

Together we are breeding social entrepreneurs, bringing creative ideas to market, and rolling out exciting new things your way.

Coming Soon to AHHHA:
Innovative way to protect your ideas
Ways to market and make money off of your ideas
• New and improved social ideation playground

No matter how you ideate, let social ideation be a part of it.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

Barcode Your AHHHA

With an estimated 75% of open-innovation not subject to patent protection, ideas are becoming far too vulnerable to exploitation.

But we’re here to assure you that we are building an innovative and trusting community with social ideation, idea security, and you in mind.

That means we’re always listening and everything we brainstorm, create, and introduce isn’t without your input or to your benefit.

That’s why our latest feature couldn’t come at a better time. We are proud to present our partnership with Creative Barcode – a feature that will help protect ideas that are unique and meet AHHHA’s and Creative Barcode’s requirements (stay tune for future posts’ to learn more).

As the world’s first open-protection system, Creative Barcode is designed to give some security to ideas and uphold the value of creativity in the open-innovation process.

But what’s the benefit?

For the first time ever, ideas that are original, professional, and meet the appropriate criteria will be offered a digitally generated barcode. Much like a UPC, this barcode will be unique for each idea and help determine the following:

  • Date of creation
  • Creation source
  • Ownership
  • Permission based usage for an original idea

Talk about finally getting some creative SATISFACTION!

With the integration of Creative Barcode in place and by offering security to ideas that qualify, we hope to actually see an increase in open-innovation playtime. Ultimately, creating a space where creative, academic and corporate minds can work and play safe – setting a new standard for ethical social ideation practices worldwide.

So don’t just stake your claim on an AHHHA, barcode it.






“Welcome to AHHHA!”

Today is our first official day for opening our doors to all. We know there are an untold number of people out there brimming with all kinds of great ideas. Rather than let your ideas lay dormant, which is too often the case, we hope AHHHA can instead help you move that idea forward to answer the question many people have pondered: what if? What if I had followed that idea I had way back when. At AHHHA, we’d like to help you follow your dream.

We believe that the time for social ideation is upon us. What is “social ideation?” Taking a page from Thomas Edison, who applied the principles of mass production and large teams to the process of invention, AHHHA is driving “social ideation”. By harnessing the efficiencies of the Internet and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd, AHHHA’s social ideation platform enables people from all walks of life to stake their claim on that great idea they had. It also enables online collaboration with others who like your idea. Once you submit an idea, you’ll start to receive feedback on what’s missing, suggestions on how to improve upon it, or even better, requests from people as to when and how they can order it! What’s novel about AHHHA is that it’s an online community where you can not only stake a claim in your own idea but you’re encouraged to help others with their own ideas out. In the process, people become contributors to one another’s idea and get to share in its potentially future success as well. The best ideas get voted up and from there, AHHHA will handle the heavy lifting to identify how your idea can be best monetized.

Let the social ideation begin!

Thank you for checking out AHHHA and let us know what you think.

Day 1: “Social Ideation” Begins…

And it begins…

It’s fitting that on the birthday of arguably history’s most famous inventor, Thomas Edison, comes the birth of AHHHA – the place for ideas. In the same way that Facebook brought the social experience online, AHHHA is a way of bringing ideas to fruition virtually. You can share your ideas, vote and comment on others, and if you’ve got a really good one, you could even make some money from it! The site is a work in progress, and will continually evolve and improve, but it will never waver from its purpose of “Social Ideation”.

So to you Mr. Edision – Happy Birthday.

And to you, people with ideas – Follow your dream!